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Wool scarves – Different Types and How to Wear Them

Winter is cold and freezing. Having a warm scarf will definitely a great benefit in keep your walk poised and happier. When it comes to warm scarf in winter, there are many choices available today like the cashmere scarf, wool scarf and also the merino wool scarf. What I am having this year is the Lorami wool scarf, which is very soft, warm and cozy.  A scarf is a scarf. But if you wear it differently, your outfit will totally change the looking. Have you ever seen others’ wearing the wool scarf in an unique way and you try to do the same but end up with a clumsy knot? Have you ever tried to tie your scarf differently but end up doing the same the next day? Lucky for you, here there are several simple methods that you can master easily without making lots of practices. We beliver the simple methods are important because when the days become cold, and you are running out of the house, believe it or not, you want to tie your wools scarf easily in a stylish way.

  1. Drape the wool scarf around your neck, keeping the right side slightly longer. Take the longer side and cross the neck to meet the left side, then begin to tie a knot, without pulling the right side all the way through. It then becomes an unfinished knot, with the two ends uneven. Drape the pulled-out portion over the knot, making it look like a half bow. To dress up the look, it would be great to add a large broach to the top of the draped portion.
  2. Fold the wool scarf in half. Position the center at the front of your neck, with the ends draped over your back. Take the ends and bring them over to the front of your face. Tie the wool scarf in a loose knot at the front and tuck it underneath the wrapped portion of the soft wool, keeping that upper layer (which covers the knot) loose. Flatten out the ends over the chest as much as you can, making them less bulky. Gently pull down the top layer to cover the knot. The result looks like a loose turtleneck combined with a wool scarf.
  3. Tie the wool scarf in a artistic way. Drape the scarf around your neck to keep both sides in the same length. Using only one side, tie a loose knot in the middle of that side. Take the other side and simply thread it through the knot. Make the knot tight. To wear with a coat, tie the knot closer to your neck, or lower it on the scarf to wear as an accessory to your outfit.
  4. Tie the wool scarf in the long way. The European way is the most popular and easy way to tie a scarf. Fold the scarf in half creating a fold at one end and two loose ends at the other side. Drape the middle of the scarf around your neck, with the two ends on the left side and a loop on the right side—each facing forward. Slip the two loose ends through the loop and tighten.
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