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What are different types of law careers

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Law has scope in almost every country. Students usually get confused when they have to choose a certain field of law. This is a very important issue. You need to know that which type of law career you can opt and also excel in it. This might sound something very easy but it isn’t so. First of all you will need to know what types of law careers exist, then you should know what their importance and scope is, lastly you should choose the one that you think will suit you or you are interested in.

Following are the law Tally careers you can opt:

  1. Civil rights law:

A civil lawyer is the one who has the responsibility of balancing the affairs of the government on one side and an individual or a party to maintain peace and justice on the other. A civil lawyer will have to deal with cases such as discrimination and unfair activities that violatethe rights and liberties such as expression, employment, housing, education, or other entitlements.

  1. Criminal law:

The role of a criminal lawyer is to represent clients accused of illegal acts for example theft, rape, child abuse, drug possession, murder and burglary. In this case a criminal lawyer will have to investigate the case, recheck the evidences and then present them in the courtroom. Criminal lawyers have a lot of burden on their shoulders. Their lives may also be at risk in some cases.

  1. Entertainment law:

Entertainment law relates directly to intellectual property law, but being more specific, entertainment law is all about rights and royalties issues related to media in the arts field, music, television, cinema, or even athletics.

  1. Family law:

A family lawyer usually works on a smaller firm than the other law careers. To Find The Lawyer for family law has to deal with cases such as divorce, child custody, child adoption, domestic partnerships, child abuse, marriage, civil unions and legitimacy.

  1. Health law

A lawyer who has a specialization in health law has to deal with law related to healthcare. The health law represent patients, clinics, health insurance companies, or individual health specialists . The federal government hireslawyers in this field to ensure that the crafting, implementation, and enforcement of policies are taken care of when it comes to health law.

  1. Labour law:

Labour law deals with the relationship between the workers and their employers. Issues such as salary and compensations, gender inequality, disability, age, or even harassment are dealt by lawyers that have specialized in the field of labour law out of all other law careers.

  1. Military law

Military law deals with the rules and regulations enforced on the armed forces for their betterment. Military law is to ensure that soldiers and other army officers are secure by the law. They deserve equal justice like normal people do. People serving justice in this area are usually members of the armed forces that present themselves as representatives of the armed forces when needed.

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